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Q.  Which tour should I choose?


A.  Tours are either themed or follow a set route selecting key features along the way.  The brief route descriptions will provide you with a taste of what to expect.   Alternatively, you can commission your own tour with the assistance of Argyll Safaris.  


Q.  What clothes should we wear?


A.  Comfortable casual clothing is recommended.  All routes provide opportunities to disembark the vehicle, so sturdy footwear and a waterproof jacket and trousers are also desirable.  Certain routes, like Glen Creran, will require boots with ankle support, but if there are any doubts about what is suitable, Argyll Safaris can advise.


Q.  What is the maximum size of the party?

A.  Your comfort is our priority, therefore the maximum number is 4.  In exceptional circumstances, when there are small children, this number may be increased to 6 on day trips only.


Q.  How much luggage can I bring?

A.  On day tours a small bag to contain your waterproofs and miscellaneous personal items is all you require.  On multi-day tours we must restrict you to ‘cabin’ size luggage (55 x 40 x 25cm) per person.  This can be increased for smaller parties.  Free storage facilities are available on request.


Q.  Do you provide refreshments?

A.  No.  Customers must provide their own food and refreshments for the duration of the tour.  However, there will be opportunities to stop at shops, cafes and restaurants en route.  Customers with specialised dietary requirements are recommended to bring a packed lunch.   


Q.  Do you provide accommodation?

A.  No.  Argyll Safaris have listed a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets, but customers must book their own accommodation.  However, in exceptional circumstances, Argyll Safaris can arrange accommodation.   Please see drop down links under ACCOMMODATION.  


Q.  Argyll Safaris specify that it will collect and return customers from local hotels/B&Bs at no extra cost.  What do you define as 'local'?

A.  ‘Local’ is defined as 10 miles from Connel.  Costs for distances beyond 10 miles will be kept to a minimum.


Q.  Should I book my accommodation before I book my tour with Argyll Safaris?  

A.   All day tours are based out of Oban therefore the risk of not securing local accommodation is minimal so the sequence is optional. 

Due to the remote areas visited on the multi-day tours, accommodation can be limited. It is therefore essential that you contact Argyll Safaris and make a provisional booking first.  Customers will be then be offered a 48 hour period to secure accommodation for the desired route, before the tour is confirmed.      

Q.  Are ferry and admission fees included in the overall tour costs? 

A.  Yes.  All ferry costs and scheduled stops that require an admission fee are included in the tour price.  The only exception is the admission element of the Whisky Tours, please see next question below.


Q.  Does the cost of the Whisky Tour include access to the distilleries?


A.  No.  All distilleries have different entry fees and grades of guided tours.  You the customer have the choice to decide which distilleries to visit and which tour to select from the options listed on the Whisky Tour page.  Therefore, access to distilleries will incur an additional cost at the point of entry or the cost can be added to the overall tour cost.  


Q.   Do you schedule tours in the winter?

A.   Argyll Safaris will continue to provide tours throughout the winter.  Customers should be aware that some of the standard heritage sites may be closed during the winter period.


Q.  What are your terms and conditions?

A.  The terms and conditions are published at the foot of the home page.


The experience of travel is unique and personal for each individual.  To better understand what Argyll Safaris offer and ensure we can meet your needs, here are some frequently asked questions
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