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2 Passengers
3 Passengers
4 Passengers
Tour Duration   - 8 hours
Complimentary Whisky
Complimentary Snacks

Travel over Connel Bridge designed by the Wolfe-Barry and continue north on the coast road towards Appin.  A short walk will take you to St Cairell’s Healing Well.  St Cairell, was a 7th century Irish monk from Iona.  A further 20 minutes you will reach Cladh Churiollan an old mountain cemetery.  A mile to the east are two of the famous wells –  Tobar na Ghluin (Well of the Knee) and Tobar na Shuil (Well of the Eye). Close to these wells is a rock with a carved outline of a medieval galley in full sail, dated 1729. Return to the vehicle and drive a short distance into Glen Creran and visit the Fairy Bridge before returning to Oban.   


Glen Creran and other features

Visit a mountain cemetery, a healing well, a well of the foresight, a corn and lime kiln, a rock carving and a fairy bridge. This route is over rough terrain; therefore participants will require a reasonable level of fitness and sturdy footwear.  These sites are not maintained and requires a degree of exploration.


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