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2 Passengers
3 Passengers
4 Passengers
Tour Duration   - 10 hours per day
Ferry - Kennacraig to Port Ellen 
Ferry - Port Askaig to Feolin
Ferry - Port Askaig to Kennacraig
Accommodation supplement for guide 
Complimentary Whisky
Complimentary Snacks
Distillery Tours
All meals
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Depart Oban and travel south on the A816 to Lochgilphead passing Kilmartin Valley and Dunadd.  Continue south on the A83 to the Port of Kennacraig.  Board the 1000 hrs ferry to Port Ellen on the south coast of Islay.   Travel to Bowmore for lunch then spend the afternoon discovering why whisky is Scotland’s No 1 export product.  Day 2, catch the 0830 hrs ferry from Port Askaig to Feolin on Jura.   Spend the morning touring one of Scotland’s last wildernesses with over 5500 deer followed by a tour of the Jura Distillery.   Return to Port Askaig and catch the 1530 hrs ferry to Kennacraig.  Return to Oban at 1900 hrs.


Oban to Kennacraig – (1.40 hours)


Kennacraig to Port Ellen - (2.20 hours)





Islay is a fertile island and has attracted visitors from at least as early as 8000 BC.  By 800 AD the Vikings arrived on Islay as it lay on their sea trading route between their homeland and settlements on the Isle of Man and Ireland.  Initially as raiders, the Vikings began to settle, marrying into local families who became known as Gael-Gall.  The potato famine in 1840 saw many immigrate to places like New Zealand.  It is believed that Irish monks in the 14th century were the first to recognise that Islay was ideal for the production of whisky - Uisge Beathe, (water of life).   The supply of peat, the pure soft water from the rivers and lochs and ‘bere’ the fore-runner for barley were all here in abundance.   


Tour Choices

Select 2 distilleries of your personal choice.  Most distilleries offer a range of tour options and prices vary.  Therefore the entry fee has not been factored into the tour costs.  Clients can either pay on access to the distillery or have it added to the overall tour cost. 



Overnight in Bowmore.




Port Askaig to Feolin on Jura (5 mins)


Visit Isle of Jura Distillery

Jura Distillery      


Visit the Jura Distillery by appointment only or simply journey through this spectacular and remote island.  Unlike its fertile and populous neighbour, Jura is mountainous, bare and infertile covered by expansive areas of blanket bog hence its small population.  However, it is an atmospheric and enchanted island that must be visited.


Feolin ferry to Port Askaig (5 mins)


Port Askaig  1530 hrs ferry to Kennacraig (2.05 hours)


Return to Oban



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