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...the sun returns to Argyll!!!

Kinloch Castle - Rum

After a sunny Spring the past 2 weeks have been particularly wet, but we are sort of pleased about that as there is no apatite to sit outside and get eaten by the midges or witness excessive ware on our patio furniture. Equally, when its raining, tourists tend to prefer time indoors with a good book while sampling some fine malts from Argyll's 14 World Class distilleries and during these times its much easier to find a parking space in Oban. That said, contrast is good in our lives so when the sky has supping from the sea and the clouds peal back the outlook is superlative. The seascape and the lush mountain greenery inspire you to engage and explore.

On Tuesday we were excited by the prospect of a calm sea and wall to wall sunshine so we departed Oban for the Small Isles of Rum Muck and Egg and landed on all 3. The island names sounds more like the recipe for an unpalatable cocktail although I am sure worse has been consumed by the island community on a stormy winters night. 'Travel fast and see more', is motto of the skipper and chief steward of the Marfin which included regal eagles and lounging otters. We had also hoped to visit Arisaig and the sites of the secret (ssssh) WW11 Spy Training School but the tranquility of the Small Isles could not be rushed so the secrets of Arisaig will remain untold for another day.

The Clan MacLean's International Gathering had just started on Mull so there was much tartan on show in MacGochan's Restaurant in Tobermory where we stopped for dinner on our way home. ...yes a great day had by all.

...big bird on the shores of Morvern

...a lounging otter in Lochaline.

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