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Minke Whales and Harbour Porpoises

On the 4 Jul having fueled up at Tobermory the Marfin was bound for Arisaig at high tide as the approach to the pier meanders through a shallow but well marked channel. The region is clearly a mecca for kayakers as I've never see so many kayak groups resting in sandy coves or negotiating the many channels between islands.

Following up on an earlier blog we were here to see the various sites associated with the Special Operations Executive, active during 1940-46. I would like to tell you all about it but the Spy Training School is very hush hush so far better you visit yourself and enjoy some splendid coffee and cake in a beautiful setting.

On the journey out we saw some Harbour porpoises at various locations and a Minke whale on our return between Kilchonan and Glengorm. The HWDT reported seeing an Orca just south of Canna and many sightings of Minke whales around the Small Isles that day. Sadly, 2 days later a dead Minke washed ashore on Ardnamurachan having its tailfin entangled with rope.

Rum, Skye and Ardnamurach Lighthouse

Rum craddled in the arms of Eigg

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