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Sunset and Midge-net

BBQs and sunsets are not going to be spoiled by the midge. Donald and Lesley of Achnamara, Connel have declared war on the wee shites. There is a Mosquito Magnet machine from the USA that hoovers them up like magic and is hugely effective. There are smoldering citranella spirals and candles and also the ultimate defense, a gazebos with netting. The grainy effect on the first image is indeed the netting but the second images is from beyond the gazebos and what a sunset it was. For about 20 minutes the sun and the clouds took their places and danced a merry old jig and then like the light the midge was gone.

Sunset from behind midge net

No midge net - Donald & Lesley's garden Achnamara Connel

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